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        Cultivation of Applied Talents in Industrial Robots

        ZhuhaiHANDI, by taking the cultivation of intelligent manufacturing talents, robotsapplication talents and promoting the upgrading and development of Chinesemanufacturing industry as its own responsibilities, has successfully developedthe   intelligently-manufactured teachingequipment, intelligently-manufactured technology cloud teaching platform,intelligently-manufactured technology courses resources and industrial robotsapplied technology course resources.

        一、TheConstruction of Industrial Robots Training Lab

        ComprehensiveWork Station of Industrial Robots

        Thework station could accomplish the programming skills learning for differentapplications as welding,Stacking, grinding, assembling, playing chess,writing, sorting and gluing, etc.

        Digital-controlMachine Tool Flexible Processing Work Station (the direction of digitalcontrol)

        Molds Intelligent Manufacturing WorkStation (the molds direction)

        Intelligent Manufacturing and TestingWork Station

        Welding Work Station (Autos andwelding directions)

        Intelligent Factory Simulation Lab

        The world-leading comprehensive industrialintelligent manufacturing factory simulation system. Carrying out 3D virtualsimulation for industrial robots, electrical and surrounding equipment, toquickly establish the projects planning, projects verifications, processanalysis and logic verification, etc. based on the clients’ demands andintegrate the logistics, human-machine projects and physical simulationfunctions, assisting with the enterprises to carry out the capacitiesconfirmation in the earlyR&D stage and successfully improving the competition force in the industry.

        二、IndustrialRobots Course Constructions

        Theindependently researched and developed industrial robots teaching system andthe integrated courses and resources with the integration of work and studycomprehensively satisfy your demands for teaching and learning.  

        Custom-madeteaching, the robots teaching system custom-made for schools,  

        Intelligenttutor provides the students with multi-dimensional full-vision learningplatform,  

        Wise teaching,exploring for seamless connection new mode for doing, learning and teaching

        三、IndustrialRobots Teaching Staff Team Construction

        Our company has undertaken the robotsprofessional state teaching staff training, which was rewarded as the ‘theFANUC Robots Education and Training Base in South China’ and has cultivatedbatches of professional core teachers for the robots disciplines in vocationalschools, maintaining with rich teaching staff training experience andresources. The teachers could obtain the relevant ‘FANUC’ robots qualificationcertificates after passing the examination.  

        Form of training

        With the project actual practice + professionalteaching viewing and emulating, the leaders and core teachers in the majors ofcolleges and schools form teams to carry out instructions for the applicationof industrial robots, teaching design and teaching resources development forthe trained teachers

        carryingwith tasks.

        四、IndustrialRobots Students’ Team Construction

        ZhuhaiHANDI Co-establishes the Robots Club together with Schools

        Industrial Robots Club

        It serves for the specializationconstruction of robots application in schools, promotes the specializationconstruction results, serves for the growth of SMEs and serves for the growthof specialized robots technical talents.

        Themajor work tasks of the club come from enterprises and the technologicalsupports come from enterprises. It is a platform for students to accumulate thework experience, a platform to share the applied robots technology and aplatform for the applied talents in robots to communicate with each other.  

        Co-established by the school and enterprises, theclub is a bridge for the school and enterprises to communicate with each other,and a platform for the specialized construction and interaction of robots.

        Theclub members, by participating in the enterprises’ work, can stimulate the positivityfor study and the applied innovation for themselves. It is a creative space forthe students specializing in robots application and maintenance, and a platformfor the students to realize the innovation and entrepreneurship.

        五、 IndustrialRobots Enterprise Team Construction

        After the industrial robots trainingbase is established, the enterprise will provide the connection betweenenterprise and the school , and promote the expansion of oriented cultivationclass, custom-made class and enterprise sponsorship class to be responsible forrecommending employment for excellent graduates, building the star graduatesand introducing the enterprise’s demands for technical talents into theschool.  


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