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        Models Intelligent Manufacturing

        1. CNC Electrode Automatic Processing Line Body

        The whole sets of systematicsolutions as the electrode programming automatically, the programs leading inautomatically, the processing proceeding automatically, the machine toolsupervises comprehensively and the production data collection and analysis.Obtaining the formula automatically by scanning the RFID, the formulaautomatically uploading to the controllers, being safe and reliable, andavoiding the   assumable abnormality. Inthe electrode processing, it can process a number of electrodes at the sametime, avoiding the waste of knife-changing time, therefore greatly improvingthe utilization rate of the equipment and lowering the work strength of theoperators.

        2.CMMElectrode Automatic Checking Unit (high efficiency:380/day)

        Checking the full sets ofsystematic solutions as the dot capture, checking the program automatic leadingin, the automatic checking, 3D checking report, the equipment comprehensivemonitoring, checking the data automatic analysis and compensation. CMM Offlineprogramming, by scanning the RFID, automatically obtains the checking program.The checking results are uploaded to the database automatically, with anefficiency of over 3 times than the traditional checking method.

        3.EDM Electrode Automatic Discharging Body Line

        Preconditioning correctionis carried out outside the steel machine. The discharge procedures willgenerate automatically and make the coordinate compensation. The electrode andsteel pieces feed and unload automatically. The equipment monitors from allover sides. The full set system as the data collection and analysis could feedthe work pieces and electrodes to EDM through the mechanical robots. Thedischarge conditions are generated via the standard discharging base. Itobtains the discharging location and coordinate automatically by scanning theRFID chips, therefore avoiding the manmade abnormalities effectively, and theutilization rate reaches up to 95%.  

         4.CNC/CMM/EDM Robot Automatic Mixing

        Based on the clients’ production characteristics, to custom-made thefully intelligent molds production line bodies. Zhuhai HANDI joins hands withModebao to custom-made fully-automated robot production line and solutions foryou. We not only provide robot technology services, including CAD mold design,CAM programming, on-site processing, CMM automatic detection and correction andother a series of most professional support and services, to fully achievetruly automated line turn key project.

        RFID based IOT factory and smart factory: Zhuhai HANDI has cooperated with Modebao and RFID technologyresearch center of Shenzhen Research Institute of Tsinghua University to worktogether to build IOT factory and smart factory. Our service projects includevisual monitoring of plant and equipment based on wireless intelligentplatform, module import and export management based on RF ID, warehouselogistics management and asset management based on RFID, and personnelmanagement based on face intelligent identification technology.  

        Automation features of robot: The program is automatically recognized by the RFID chip, safe andstable; The robot response time is less than 60S, 24H unmanned operation; MESautomation software control, simple operation; switch to manual and automaticmode any time, flexible operation.


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